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Olivier looked sadly at Yixing realizing how insecure he was. This was his boyfriend. It wasn’t cheating, he wasn’t kissing another person. This was his lover of two years and Olivier could recognize him anywhere. Tilting Yixing’s head up to look at him Olivier pressed a kiss to his lips. “I love you, no matter who you are. My Achilles, time can change your look but you are always the same to me.”

Yixing looked nervously at Olivier realizing what he said. Maybe he wasnt ready. Maybe it was too soon. He  smiled when he met his boyfriends blue eyes. . “I love you too my Patroclus.” He smiled and kissed Olivier back as sweet as he could. 

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Olivier was about to crawl into bed when he noticed Yixing still at the mirror. He got up and gently put his arms around his boyfriend from behind, wiping away the tear. “Hey, it’s alright baby. We’re okay, nothing has changed. You’re you and I’m me. My dear heart.”

Yixing gave a sad smile. “You always know how to make me feel a bit better.” He said. He looked at the other. “I would kiss you but I don’t know if you would be okay with it.”

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"What kind of traveler? Like, a time traveler? Because then I’m starting to notice a pattern. Last time I met a time traveler he wore converse and a suit." 

 ”In a way yes but I;m also a world traveler as well. I traveled all over world and watch people.”

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"Yes actually. It’s very good." Sage commented, looking at male with a light smirk coating his lips.  "Would you like to try?" He asked after a moment, extending the box toward the other. "Why are you sorry?" He questioned, slightly confused as to why the man was saying sorry. He hadn’t really done anything wrong.  


"No No it’s fine.I can eat when I get back. " Yixing returned the cake. "I’m sorry for acting like a scaredy cat." he admitted "I really shouldnt but usually most of my deliveries arent that hostile in the beginning you know."



Olivier nodded in agreement, yawning. Rolling his shoulders he plodded to their bedroom and began to undress. Very carefully the box with the ring was hidden again. He wasn’t sure how long it would take to adjust to Yixing looking different - he had to double take everytime the other man entered the room.

Yixing waited for Olivier to change before undressing as well. He slowly took off his clothing staying in nothing but his boxers. He sighed and stared at his reflection once more. He really wished he didnt peel his skin off. Yixing let a tear stream down his face.


"I had thought you might be from there," Annie confessed as she glanced around "It perhaps wasn’t the best time to come here for you, haven’t you heard what they’ve been doing to people from Japan here?"

If she hadn’t been looking at him oddly before, she certainly was now. “How can it be a different year here and there, that’s not possible?”

"It’s that obvious." Eiji said. Eiji nodded solemenly. "i’m well aware what they are doing to my people." He took out a slip of paper. "That’s the camp I would need to go to soon." 

Eiji looked away. “The calander syatem is quite different in Japan.” He said. “Its still the American year but in Japan its 2014.”




"I bet I knew your favorite song…"

"And that would be…."

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"It’s not all that bad. I mean, durin’ the days of my first pubes, I was already makin’ my father’s bones brittle with a curse, and yellin’ threatenin’ words into a microphone with a rock band."


"Really now.  I actually tried to be a dancer for a while.But then i retired."

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